Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland
Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland

Previnex 321

New Diet and Wellness Program Offered at Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland

Previnex 3-2-1 Program is supported by The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

There are many weight loss programs on the market today, but only one is designed to help chronic orthopedic conditions. Through a partnership with Previnex, we are able to offer the 3-2-1 program to help enhance the health and wellness of our patients. The results of the program will help reduce pressure on joints, reduce pain and stiffness and improve flexibility. Plus you’ll feel and look great!

Poor diet quality is the number one cause of poor health around the world and the number one risk factor for chronic disease, according to Lancet of Global Health. Obesity plays a large role in developing chronic orthopedic conditions and in many cases, losing weight can have a dramatic impact on the way your muscles and joints feel.

In order to promote good health and mobility, we are offering a healthy and responsible solution using a team approach between Previnex and the doctors at Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland, to help improve the lives of our patients.

With Previnex 3-2-1 you will lose 2-5 pounds the first two weeks, then 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

The Previnex 3-2-1 plan uses a 3 phase approach to weight loss. You’ll start with the weight loss phase, then progress to the transition phase and end up in the maintenance phase. By following the simple meal plan, you’ll provide your body with portion controlled, nutrient-dense food and you’ll change the quantity and quality of your food choices. You’ll also create a fat-burning state in your body all while feeling full. You’ll lose fat, preserve muscle, and you’ll save on your monthly grocery bill too.

The Previnex 3-2-1 program is a complete plan which includes:

  • An Eating Plan that is healthy, clean, balanced and simple to follow
  • A FREE Health Coach to guide you on the path to Optimal Health
  • Easy-to-implement tips to stay motivated and on the right path
  • At-Home Exercise Programs designed by certified personal trainers, tailored to your fitness level
  • Online Community Support
  • FREE Previnex Blender Bottle & more!

For more information on how Previnex 3-2-1 can help you, please go to 321program.previnex.com for additional program information, or to make an appointment, contact us today using KLARA or call us at (410) 644-1880.

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For more than 40 years, Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland has provided the highest standard of orthopedic care for patients of all ages in Catonsville, Columbia and Eldersburg as well as nearby in the Annapolis, Washington, DC and Montgomery County areas. As our board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors continue the traditions of our founding physicians, Dr. John Tansey and Dr. Kenneth Spence, we employ sophisticated advances and specialties in the field of orthopedic medicine, such as arthroscopic surgery, minimally invasive procedures, joint replacement, sports medicine, onsite diagnostic imagery, outpatient surgery, and physical therapy rehabilitation for the full spectrum of joint, bone, muscle, back, and related pain conditions and injuries.